Hello readers,

Ok here we go, about me: My name is Jessica Amelia Bruner (formally Whitehead… I recently married the love of my life.) I believe in passion. There’s nothing more powerful than living a passionate life and filling it with meaning, adventure, laughter, excitement, fun, and love. Love for the world and it’s gift of life, and love for the people you share it with. Experience every aspect of life with no regrets. If you take advantage of every opportunity, even if you fail, you’ll never have the regret: What if?

This blog is dedicated to providing inspiration and motivation for getting out and living the good life, and doing it all on a budget. Money is tight, but it shouldn’t stop anyone from living the life they deserve. Getting out of the house can get expensive, and people are convinced there’s nothing cheaper to do than spend their day on the couch. I’m here to help convince you otherwise.

“I do not regret the things I’ve done, I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.” -Unknown


More about what I do:

I graduated from Colorado State University in 2014 with two different Bachelors of Arts degrees. One in Journalism/Multimedia Communication and the other in Theatre – Design and Production. I currently work in the School of Music, Theatre and Dance as the Staff Master Electrician/Resident Lighting Designer.

For more about what I do, you can visit my portfolio website:

For now, please enjoy a little inspiration to budget your way into the good life.



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