10 Ways to Spend One Winter Day



Fort Collins, Colorado Photo by: Jessica Bruner

Snow; a word we’ve become programmed to dread. But, why? What is it about those dreaded winter months that crushes all ambition to do, well anything? Keeping a warm spirit when the thought of even leaving your bed sounds miserable.

To waste the day; or embrace the day? That is the question.


  1. Enjoy the excuse to drink hot liquid chocolate among other winter quenchers

Pumpkin Spiced Chai Delight… Check out the recipe here

The best part of winter is drinking Bailey’s and hot cocoa. If you do decide to stay in for the day, you can enjoy the sweet taste of winter classics. Hot cocoa and Baileys, a hot toddy, peppermint schnapps, eggnog, seasonal espressos and my personal favorite; a warm cup of half coffee and half stove heated milk flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. It’s even better with a splash of Kahlua.

The best part of a day spent with the seasons best treats is that you can do it all in your pajamas.

  1. Take advantage of local events

Finding out what’s going on around town is only a few clicks away. Visit your city’s event page to get involved with community events. Local event planners Take advantage of the holidays that occur throughout the winter and create events around them. The best part is, most of the events cities and town events host are free and open to everyone.

  1. Regress back to a child-like state of mind

I sat inside a local coffee shop enjoying the view from behind a steamer as the people outside scrambled to avoid the flutter of snowflakes coming down. Almost every face that passed by was filled with frustration.

Then a young girl comes into sight. She’s smiling and proudly sporting a pair of pink polka-dotted snow boots. As her mother hustles her along, she sticks her tongue out to catch the flakes that glisten just until they hit her face. None of them actually make it into her mouth.

The essence of joy that can come from a winter wonderland is stamped onto this little girls face.

In psychology, regression is a form of self defense that people go through to escape their problems. But you can use regression to your advantage to reach a state of bliss. One must get in touch with their inner child in order to have a balanced emotional life.

We forget to appreciate the beauty of a snowy day just because it’s less convenient. Let’s rewind a little; regress to a child’s state of mind where everything is so simple and filled with so much joy.

  1. Play in the snow just outside your front door

If your scared to venture too far away from home, or the roads are unsafe to go anywhere,


Winter Park, Colorado Photo By: Jessica Bruner

enjoy the snow that has gathered just outside your door.

There’s plenty of things you can do almost anywhere with snow on the ground. You just have to remember the classics. Snow angels, snowball fights, building a snow man, making a snow fort.

Speaking of classics, don’t forget the “golden” rule of a snow day; don’t eat the yellow snow.

  1. Do something selfless and feel the rewards

Winter is a time of the year when people need the most help, so make someone else, and yourself happy by lending a hand. A little bit of kindness goes a long way, whether you’re volunteering at a shelter, charity group, or just lending your skills in windshield scraping to strangers in the grocery store parking lot. Helping other people doesn’t always mean running to a charity group and working for a couple hours, although that would be a really great place to start. Random acts of kindness can be done anywhere, at anytime. 

You will genuinely feel like you’re doing something good. It provides a sense of purpose, you meet fantastic people and it could lead to something even more purposeful.

  1. Enjoy the beauty of winter through the lens of a camera

If you’re in the mood to capture the stunning sights of a winter wonderland, do it with a camera. Clicking the shutter from different angles can allow you to create new perspectives and open your eyes to the details of the season.

Even if you just snap some shots from your yard, you can use your creative side and get a little closer. Admire the actual shape of a snowflake or the way it gathers on branches creating a silhouette of a tree against the sky.

  1. Choose your weapon to ride the snow on

Winter Park Resort, Colorado

If you can afford to get up to the mountains on a ski or snowboard for some fresh powder, there’s no excuse for you to still be on your couch on a snow day.

However, day passes can get very pricey and by the time you pay for the gas to get there, rentals and lunch you’ve probably spent your entire week’s pay.

But don’t worry, there is hope.

Not very many people know about this, but there’s a few hills in the mountains of Colorado that are free to ride. If you go up the Loveland pass, there’s a couple runs right off the road that you don’t have to have a pass for.

You can snowboard down any hill, really. Just like sledding. Find one that looks good, hike up to the top and strap in. Not into skis or boards? Maybe your weapon is a sled. Just try not to smile if you’re riding a $10 tube down a sledding hill.

  1. Set a fire ablaze

Have you ever been completely mesmerized just by watching the flickering movement of the flames coming from a campfire?

Well have you ever enjoyed this sight with the added visual of snow melting around the edge of the heat? Who says you need summer time to enjoy a campfire? Winter seems like a better fit for a fire anyway, even if it is just a collection of lit candles on your coffee table.

Fire appeals to all five of your senses at once providing a tranquil experience.

Combining the sight of flickering flames, the sound of crackling, the smell of burning wood, the feeling of warmth and the taste of a smoky flavored hot dog on a stick that makes fire one of the most extravagant yet simple experiences.

  1. Pamper yourself

In the mood for a spa day to cure those winter blues? Ladies, bust out that old beauty box you forgot about that holds your nail polish and face goo.

Ladies and gents alike could use some pampering every once in a while. There are not many daily problems out there that can’t be fixed with a candlelit bubble bath for one paired with the sweet tunes of your favorite genre.

  1. Invest your time

Life can be hectic. As we grow older, we start to prioritize our time toward things we need


Photo Taken/Edited by: Jessica Bruner

to do and lose sight of the things we want to do. It’s important to return to ground zero within yourself every once in a while and invest your time doing more things that make you happy in order to be happy.

Most people say they have much more time on their hands in the winter than during warmer months. If that’s the case, there’s no better time than a snowy day to take advantage of long lost you time. Spend it doing something you don’t usually have time for.

Cook something from scratch, paint, catch up on your favorite show, start a scrap book, write a blog post or call up an old friend who you’ve lost touch with. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something you will find joy in doing




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