Video: Costume Dos and Don’ts for Halloween

Clearly I’m excited about Halloween. Check out the video story below.

Video Transcript:


“Butterfly” by: Crazy Town

Jessica (Whitehead) Bruner:

Hi, I’m Jessica Whitehead from CTV-11 and it is getting so close to my favorite holiday of the year: Halloween.

Mostly for all the free candy, but also because you get to dress up like somebody else, not just for one day, but for like the whole week leading up to the actual day.

People have been asking me what I’m going to be for Halloween since… last Halloween. And I, for one, can’t think that far in advance. It’s stressful. Unless you’ve got money up the wazoo, you’re scrambling last minute to get four costumes together, because God forbid you wear the same costume two days in a row.

So here’s some dos and don’ts for this year’s Halloween:

Girls, don’t spend $100 on a stripper cop costume. Those plastic handcuffs will break into like 5 different pieces.

Do go crazy on hair and makeup. That is the one thing you can do without breaking the bank. This hairdo, on the house. You’re welcome.

Don’t be a clown. I don’t care if you’re a cute clown, sexy clown, funny clown, rodeo clown. You’re scary, and 79 percent of people hate clowns. Every time. Majority rules, people.

“Do not fear, Captain America is here.”

Do get a little creative, you know. Make your own costume, go on Pinterest, look in your closet, I’m sure there’s something in there.

“Captain America wore a tutu in the movie didn’t he? I think he did.”

But the most important thing you can do this year, is to not be Miley Cyrus. Your boyfriend will not agree to dress up like Robin Thicke. Unless you’re being Hannah Montana, then thats ok.

“Chillin out, take it slow.”

Do be something cute, be something funny, be something sexy. Just don’t be something trashy.

Well, whoever you decide to be this year, keep it safe out there kids. I’m Jessica Whitehead and I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween.

“I’m a mouse, Duh.”


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