Bronco Nation: The Best Season of the Year is Football Season


Peyton Manning scored seven touchdowns in the Broncos’ first game of the season against the Ravens. Fans have high expectations for the 2013/2014 season.
Photo Edited By: Jessica Bruner

When we talk about the best season of the year, football fans aren’t thinking summer. It’s football season. The countdown is over as of last night at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. The Broncos got their redemption for last years heartbreaking playoff game against the Ravens. The Broncos won with a final score of 49-27.

Your Sunday nights just got a little bit better. This year, Broncos’ fans have high expectations for our boys in orange. Peyton Manning set the bar pretty high last night with seven touchdowns in one game (an accomplishment that hasn’t been done in 44 years in the NFL).

Will Manning lead us to our next Superbowl victory? There’s no better way to find out than to tune in. Football season is also the best season for people on a budget looking for something fun to do. There’s no better excuse to get together with friends than to gather up and watch the big game.

“There’s two times of the year for me. Football season and waiting for football season.” -Darius Rucker

The Broncos have quite the lineup for this season, with Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, Von Miller, Knowshon Moreno and of course many more, which means we’ll have a heck of a season to look forward to. But that also means tickets to get into the stadium are pricey. You’re looking at $100 for nosebleed seats.

The good news is, you have front row seats in the living room of your own home. You can literally see the sweat rolling down the players faces with those high tech zoom lenses they use today. Compare that to the ants you’ll see running around the field from back row of Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Even if you’re not into football, there’s another element to football season that I know everyone enjoys no matter what their interests are. It’s barbecue season. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like food. Especially football food.

Don’t have enough extra dough to supply enough food for a football party? Ever heard of BYOB? Bring your own booze yes, but bring your own barbecue too. Even if only a couple of people bring a package of hot dogs, chips and dip or a veggie platter, there’s sure to be enough to go around.

Happy football season America! May the best team win! (Go Broncos!)


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