America Gains Joy from the Recent Recession

It’s hard to imagine gaining joy from loosing money in this material world we’re living in. With the 2007-2009 recession, America took a hit to the wallet and was forced to adjust to living off of less. But the good news is, although everyone is still in shock, the recession was officially declared over in June 2009.

Get your wings back and fly

Get your wings back and fly
Photo Edited By: Jessica Bruner

With the recession, came an opportunity to look at the world in a new way. With money becoming harder and harder to come by, people are forced to be more appreciative of the things they do have. You sort of regress to a childlike time when  joy was found in more important things like family, nature, or making a game out of a ball.

Recessions are a time to focus your attention on what makes you happiest in life. Nurture your relationships with the people you love, spend $20 on a meaningful experience you can share with someone rather than on an object, get out and sweat to get your natural endorphins flowing. Here’s 10 secrets to finding happiness when money is scarce.

People can redefine the difference between need and want. Do you need a new pair of shoes, or do you want them. The things that you thought you needed once now become a treat that is more appreciated. People become more grateful. Grateful for non-materialistic joys in life.


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