The $10 Test Aims to Change America’s View on How to Eat Cheap

finalpiktochartAmerica takes the cake when it comes to obesity rates across the globe. In fact, it takes the whole cake, and serves it up with a side of fries. With an obesity rate of 33.8 percent, America is the number one most obese country in the world, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

It’s no wonder there’s a fast food restaurant on every corner of every city in America; the people eat it up. But what is the reason why Americans are eating so much fast food? I surveyed 50 people asking for the main reason why they might choose fast food over healthy. 86 percent of those surveyed said it is because it’s cheaper.

In an effort to prove this idea wrong, I took $10 to both McDonald’s and King Soopers to see how much bang I could get for my buck at each place. With growing education on how harmful fast food can be to our bodies, people are starting to stray against it. But when eating on a budget, Americans are convinced fast food is the best bargain. This $10 test proved otherwise.



3 thoughts on “The $10 Test Aims to Change America’s View on How to Eat Cheap

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