People Around the World Volunteer Their Way into the Good Life

There are so many ways to live a prosperous life; eating healthy, exercising, developing healthy relationships, working toward and achieving goals and the list goes on. There’s another way to prosper that helps improve not only your life, but potentially the life of many others around you. People around the world have been volunteering in some way or other for many years, but it’s been the past few years that volunteer hours have boomed.

With a trend breaking loose in 2011, over 64.3 million Americans volunteered through a formal organization in the year. The numbers have been increasing ever since. Whether it be engaging in transportation, doing fundraisers, community events, tutoring or fixing hiking trails, volunteer hours are growing along side our sense of humanity.

Why not make a date out of volunteering. You can connect to your loved one and your community at the same time. Shed some puppy love by volunteering at a local animal shelter, play in the dirt by planting trees around town, volunteer with kids in foster homes, or at an event that will gain you both free admission.

Volunteering can be rewarding in more ways than just a pat on the back. If you’re low on cash and have been dying to see a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater, or get out to a music festival you can volunteer at the event to gain free admission. If you ever wonder who guides visitors to parking or helps the stage crew before and after the show, it’s volunteers!

For more information on volunteering for free tickets to music festivals and concerts, check out these organizations to help make your festival dreams come true:


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