You Can be a Cheap Date without Jeopardizing Romance

“The recession is actually a great time for love to bloom, because people have to think more about creative ways to spend time together, rather than spending money together.” -Dannielle Kyrillos, editor of

Being a cheap date isn’t such a bad thing anymore. Money has been tight in the past few years of recession, and going out on a romantic date may seem out of reach. But it’s quite the opposite. It takes a little creativity to come up with cheap date ideas, but the date will become more about the blossoming love you share with your significant other than how much money you can spend

Sit back and enjoy the beauty the world has to offer Photo Edited By: Jessica Whitehead

Sit back and enjoy the beauty the world has to offer
Photo Edited By: Jessica Bruner

It’s the simple things in life that can bring the most joy, and you can share them together: See “30 Cheap Date Ideas

  • Enjoy the outdoors: go for a walk by the river, watch the sunset, hike, ride bikes down trails or through town, have a sleepover in a tent in the backyard, go sledding
  • Enjoy the comfort of your home: build a fort out of pillows and blankets, have a game night, cook a meal, have a movie marathon, do a puzzle, finger paint, turn on the stereo and dance on the couches, toss grapes across the room and try to catch them in your mouths, make a bucket list and start checking off items with each other
  • Enjoy the community you live in: tour art exhibits, do a wine or brewery tour, check out a free concert, hit up the pool hall, go bowling, volunteer together for a rewarding experience, do karaoke, sit in the nosebleeds of a sporting event, do trivia night or bingo at a local venue

Having light wallet is no excuse to skip out on spoiling each other. Spend time, not money on the person you love. See “50 Cheap Date Ideas”

  • Think outside the box: go to a musical or play without buying expensive tickets by going to the final dress rehearsal; most venues allow viewers to do this for free, build something together or create a work of art with found objects, dress up and go to a car dealership to test drive your dream car
  • Workout your muscles and love at the same time: go to your local recreation center for rock-climbing, swimming, lessons, shooting hoops, or be active at home by doing yoga or other workouts together
  • Pampering without a spa: give each other a massage, take a bubble bath, make breakfast in bed, treat your lady by brushing her hair, put on relaxing music and just lay down on the floor with each other

An old expression says “you can’t buy love.” You can buy a steak and lobster dinner, which is sure to impress a date, but that impression will only last until the next expensive outing. Inexpensive outings, or staying in for that matter, put more focus on the time you’re spending together, rather than the money you spend. See “Recession Dating 101”


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