Fort Collins Brewery Tours Offer Free Tours, and Free Beer

Beer Chandelier

New Belgium Brewery Beer Chandelier
Photo By: Jessica Bruner



New Belgium Brewery features FREE tours with FREE beer, and has people spinning wheels to get a taste of their belgium style brews. Bicycle wheels, that is. New Belgium’s founder, Jeff Lebesch started on a bike when he toured Europe in 1989, and the wheels are still rolling with many bicycling events such as Tour De Fat.

As one of the first Microbreweries to open in Colorado, Odell Brewery has been producing brews since 1989. Founder, Doug Odell kicked off the brewery by releasing 90 Shilling, and Easy Street Wheat, their two most popular brews. Today they produce 6 year-round beers and do FREE first come first serve tours.

The Fort Collins Brewery , formally named H.C. Berger Brewing, reopened with new ownership in 2003. Their opening was just in time for the explosive popularity of craft brewing. FREE tours are available every Saturday from 1 to 5 on the hour.

The newest brewery, Equinox Brewery, opened in 2010. They put an innovative spin on brewing by pairing up with Colin Wescott’s home brew supply store, Hops & Berries. They focus on educating visitors about the style and history of their brewing with short and sweet FREE tours and options to sample their beers.


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